Marino Barracuda is made out of very high quality materials and its finishing is excellent. Barracuda is ideal for a family vacation boating as well as for corporate representation. The boat is rich in standard equipments, so you can certainly enjoy being on the water with this boat.

  • Length: 9.7 m
  • Width: 3.4 m
  • Sleeping berths: 5-7
  • Weight: 4200 kg
  • Engine: 260 – 400 hp

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Barracuda has a hand-laminated sandwich hull, which ensures excellent rigidity. Therefore, the boat is steady and pleasant in waters. Barracuda has a 20 ° deadrise angle which allows the boat move  smoothly through the waves. Besides the bottom of the hull is designed to provide the boat fuel efficiency.


The spacious and bright interior is especially focused on quality. The covers are made of stunning Alcantara fabric and the interior is furnished with cultivated mahogany. Large front, rear and side windows provide spectacular views in every direction, so you will certainly enjoy the view. In good weather you can open up the entire sliding roof and bring the nature inside.

5-7 people can stay overnight in Barracuda. The pantry corner is a compact and functional working place, where you could cook for the entire group of people. Hatch to the forward cabin  is so big that bigger bags, and even golf bags could be placed down from there. Children can be lifted in through the hatch and immediately brought to safety.