ABP 27


Marino APB 27 is a practical walkaround, sporty hard-top, fair-weather day-cruiser, and  spacious cabriolet!

• Length: 8.2 m

• Width: 2.9 m

• Sleeping berths: 2 – 4

• Weight: about 3,200 kg

• Motor: 200 – 300 hp

Watch video showing the boat’s various features (in German)

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Marino APB 27 brings a new look to your boating experience. Boaters habits are changing. Boats are used for different purposes. In the future boating will have to compete with people’s leisure time as well as with many other recreational activities. More and more people want to go boating just for a day or for short periods of time. New All Purpose Boat APB, designed by Marino is well suited for this purpose.



Over 50 years old Finnish company Marino Oy has received a lot of compliments for its latest innovation. A number of juries from across Europe have found that Marino APB 27 has the courage to develop a design with several new innovative features.

Since 1984 Marino has been qualified for 18 honourable mention awards (“The Boat of the Year”-titles),  Marino APB 27 boat is an innovation of 2009 that already earned seven honorable mention awards at home and abroad. For example, ” the Motorboat of the show! ” (silver), Helsinki, 2009 “Boat of the Show”, Stockholm, 2009, “Motorboat of the Year 2010 HighlyCommended” London and “Årets Båt” Arendal, 2011.

In August 2010 Marino APB 27 was selected as one of the world’s 100 best design products of 2010. In honor of this APB 27 was in Habitare Designpartners100 show. The show received a total of 68 000 visitors. Visitors voted APB 27 as the second best design boat.

For more information visit: Helsinki Design Week


Our design mainly focused on versatility and adaptability of a boat.

After a hot sunny day in a blink of an eye the boat converts into a living space. Under the driver’s seat there is a refrigerator with freezer. There  is also a kitchen sink and a stove under the seat. A flush toilet and a wardrobe is sensible luxury in the boat. There are plenty of storage space under the seats: for starting from small items up to a golf bag. Turn the movable back of the driver’s seat and you will find a salon for six.

Sleeping areas are divided into three parts. There is a spacious double bed in the bow of the boat, with an integrated toilet. In addition, under the the wheelhouse sofas there are two identical recessed bunks on the both sides of the boat. They can also be used as storage.