Would you like to take your whole family to a boat trip on a hot summer day? Select this boat model! Marino Cobra is an ideal cruiser for spending longer period of time in the waters. Cobra is full of functional features.

  • Length: 8.2 m
  • Width: 2.9 m
  • Sleeping berths: 3-5
  • Weight: about 3,000 kg
  • Engine: 200 – 300 hp

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Cobra has a hand-laminated sandwich hull, which ensures its excellent rigidity. Cobra has a 20 ° deadrise angle which allows the boat to move smoothly through the waves. Besides the bottom of the hull is designed to provide the boat fuel efficiency.


The interiors are spacious, perfect for up to three people or even five, if necessary. An adult can sleep in the forward cabin and in the recessed bunks. The pantry has enough space, cupboards, drawers and shelves.

The entire roof of the cabin brings light into the boat. The fore of the boat has a full width sliding sunroof and there is a transparent skylight in the rear. Cobra also has large front, rear and side windows that bring the archipelago landscape inside.

Cobra has easy access to everywhere, it is a walk-through boat. You can go into the cabin from the deck of the bow through door or from the open space through sliding door. Despite this, you can also circle the boat for its wide side decks.

It is easy to land to the shore through the open space  sliding hatch, from the wide swim platform. Cobra is a stylish package. Standard equipment includes pillows and mattresses covered with Alcantara / Elegance fabrics. The interior is furnished with high quality cultivated mahogany.