“A more stylish 1960´s daycruiser than the Mustang do not immediatley come on mind. At least not one that is still made by the original manufacturer. There is a wide colourscale available, and even though the hull is already 50 years old, it has better drivebility than many other small boats.”
Kippari Magazine 2/2016


The eyecatcher on sunny summerday. Marino Mustang has become a concept when talking about the safety and quality of 4.5 meter boats. The features of the victorious Marino Mustang have been developed in the though weather in offshore races. Marino Mustang´s sustainable handlaminated hull is easy to maintain. It´s sharp fore and the V bottom hull (deadrise 22°) provide a dry and smooth travel even through bigger waves. Marino Mustang is a classic, authentic retro boat. And the colour you can pick after your own taste. The Mustang was also used to cross the Atlantic without an escort boat in the summer of 1970. This is more evidence of its durability and seaworthiness.


The users opinions;

  • “National, an accomplishment that honour Finnish craftmanship.”
  •  “A pleasant boat to be driven in bigger waves, obeys the driver. Recommend it for everyone.”
  • “Safe and multipurposed boat, that is suitable for daytrips, watersports or as commuter boat.”
    (Customer feedback, Inno Duel , November 2016)


  • Length 4.3 m
  • Width 1.7 m
  • Weight 230 kg – Easy to handle, and getting on trailer
  • Personnel 4
  • Motor hp 15-50 – Wide power range, after need

Price from 12890€

Watch video presentation of the Mustang in boat exhibition.

Watch video of Marino Mustang in test.