It doesn’t mean a thing, if you ain’t got that Swing.

Marino Swing is now approved for a 50hp outboard motor from model year 2017.

Marino Swing is now available in all sorts of colors. Choose the color of your boat from a selection of white, pink, black, turquoise, yellow, red, light blue, etc, etc …

  • Length: 4.3
  • Width: 1.7
  • Weight: 180 kg
  • Power: 20-50 hp

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Price from 7890€

Marino Swing was in production during the period between 1972-1998. On customer request, in 2006, Marino Swing was back in production. This was due to, among other things, its superb features (Technology World 03/07).

The V bottom hull (deadrise 22 °) provide Marino Swing dry and smooth travel even through bigger waves.  The speed of the boat is about 25 knots with a 20 hp engine and two people on board. The boat is lightweight, fast and economic.

Hand laminated hull makes the boat exceptionally strong and light. Its inner surface is a very practical matte surface, which is not so easily scratched and is less slippery than the glossy surface. Marino Swing also has two storage space with locks. One of them can be used as a fish box, and the other storage area, located in the middle of the boat, can store the fuel tank. Long shelves are good for keeping fishing poles and oars.

Marino Swing is also used for racing. Based on the number of participants, the Marino Swing Cup has become Finland’s biggest category in motor boat racing.